Company Profile

Rayben has been specializing in the revolution of thermal management solution in particularly on patented technology Micro Heat Exchange - MHE® PCB thermal dissipation performance, which is a breakthrough in the conventional PCB designs and products. Our straight-up business growth was seen in fields like automotive, specialty lighting, RU/IR, IGBT altogether with power electronics due to our outstanding PCB thermal management solutions. We have established business relationships with companies throughout America, Europe, ASEAN, and China. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we have our production facility in Zhuhai, China.


Company Culture and Leadership

The most important asset is our employees, we devote ourselves to tap into their potentials to ensure equal job opportunities and better chance for advancement. In order to find out potential talents in our company, from the year of 2014, We brought out Core Talents Scheme by offering a variety of training and growth opportunities through onsite and offsite classes to support employee development.


Quality and Safety

Quality is built up on right standards, work requirements and information transfer. Safety is vital to sustainable business development. We have adopted various training programs to promote health and safety consciousness of our employees.


Technical Training

As Innovator of LED thermal PCB, Rayben realized that training is important to excellence. We have organized and joined different trainings and forums to develop new competitive materials and technologies.

Company Value

Rayben Difference
Innovation- Flexibility-shorten R&D cycle, accelerate product launch
Mission-Strive to become the industry benchmark

Our Customers

TOP 10 in the world: IGBT

TOP 10 in the world: Automotive and Entertainment Lighting

TOP 10 in the world: New Energy industry

TOP 3 in China: Electric Vehicle industry