Company Profile

   Rayben focuses on reform and innovation of thermal management solution, especially the excellent thermal performance of the super MHEPCB solution, which can make the product design and finished products break through the conventional concept. Our excellent PCB thermal management solutions enable us to grow with straight line in automotive, professional LED lighting, UV/IR, IGBT and power electronic components. Our footprints spread all over in the United States, Europe, ASEAN and Greater China. And our headquartered is located in Hong Kong, China and production base is in Zhuhai, China.


Company Cultureand Leadership

    Rayben regards employees as the most important asset of company. We are devoted to continually tapping the potential of each employee. Since 2014, we have launched a core talent plan to tap and cultivate talented employees from all levels in the organization.


Quality and Safety

    Quality is built up on right standards and work requirements, which it is constantly and exactly transfers by staffs. Safety is vital to sustainable business development. We have adopted various training to promote safety consciousness of our employees.

Technical Training

Technical Training

    As an innovator of LED thermal PCB, Rayben realized that training is important way to be excellent. We have organized and participated in different trainings and forums to develop new materials and technologies.

Rayben ensures complete customer satisfaction by:

- achieve or exceed customer quality requirements

- on time delivery and continuously shortened production cycle

- improve price competitiveness through continued process improvement

- Provide diversification of the material combinations so that customers can choose the best product proposal accordingly.

- provide agile, flexible and responsive service

- 20 years of PCB experiences

Our Value

Our Feature:

Innovation - Subverting customer product design.

Flexibility - Shortening the development cycle, accelerating product to launch.

Concentration- focusing on applications.

Leadership - leading the industry's technology lines.

Clear vision – we are committed to becoming a benchmark in the industry.

Our Customers:

Global TOP 10 : Electrical Supply

Global TOP 10: Automotive and Entertainment Lighting

Global TOP 10: New Energy Industry

TOP 3 in China: Electric Vehicle Industry

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