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    New ideas that work
    We pride ourselves as a leading innovator in thermal PCB solutions for LED lighting that support and enable the ever-expanding spectrum of chip technologies, user applications, and performance expectations. From high-functioning MCPCB to super MHE PCB series, our core offerings cover the entire range of LED lighting designs based on low- to high-power emitters, COB, CSP technologies.

    Innovation is our core competence to the extent that it units our purpose, our business processes and the value we are capable of creating for our ecosystem.

    Innovation is not just about creating random new ideas and making that next big magical leap. Whether small or incremental, large or disruptive, innovation is always about change. Changing fixed perspectives to solve a new problem; “destructing” existing technologies so that they can be recombined in response to new needs; challenging the obvious by way of providing better alternatives.

    In short, innovation is new ideas that work, that have a purpose.
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    Metallic solution for revolutionary thermal performance


    High-reflectance need of COB


    Ceramic solutions with multi-purpose thermal objectives

    3D MCPCB

    Bendable Metal Core Printed Board (MCPCBs)

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    MHE® Applications
      Honors & Awards
        Direct Metal Conduction
        With twenty years of PCB design know how and manufacturing experience, Rayben have developed a very successful thermal conduction PCB technology for high power LED application called Micro Heat Exchanger. This technology stems from the concept of direct thermal contact between thermal pad of LED components and the base material of MCPCB, with the ..... Learn more

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