Social Responsibility

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         We implement national macroeconomic policies, accelerate management changes, enhance sustainable value creation, promote the growth of "two small" enterprises and innovative enterprises, drive employment, and serve economic and social development; we promote service capabilities through continuous product and service innovation. The improvement will bring customers a new and better service experience; we will improve green credit, strengthen green credit support, carry out green operations and green public welfare, lead green financial innovation, and promote green economy development; The growth channel emphasizes the improvement of employees' ability, creates a good working environment, and promotes the common growth of employees and enterprises. We deepen the concept of social responsibility, carry out social welfare activities, participate in community building, actively contribute to the society, and strive to become excellent corporate citizens.

Various public welfare activities organized by the company:

Consolation for the disabled

Consolation for the disabled

Difficult employee fundraising

Fundraising  for needy staff

Guangxi Love Education

Guangxi Love Education

Love poverty alleviation

Poverty alleviation and education

Micro-willing activities

Tiny wish activity

"Love Mothers Cabin"