FR4 Standard FR4 ShengYi、KB、Nanya  
AL  base   Bergquist /EMC/Polytronics / Shengyi /East Power / Ventec  
Copper  base   Polytronics/Shengyi/ East Power/ Ventec  
Board  size MCPCB 457.20*609.60; 508*609.6; 500*600  
MHE301/MHE901 250*300; 300*500  
MHE601 248*300;250*330  
Long  board(Wet Film) 420*1300  
Long board (Dry film) 546*1200  
PI  material CEM-3、CEM-1 Yes  
FR4(normal  Tg) Yes  
FR4(high Tg) Yes  
Lead  free Yes  
Halogen  free Yes  
AL  base Yes  
Thickness  and tolerance Layer 2~10 12
Product  size (Max.) 20″×24.5″(508mm×622mm)  
Product  size (Min.) 3.9″×3.9″(99mm×99mm)  
Thickness (Max.) 0.126″(3.2mm)  
Thickness (Min.) 0.016″(0.4mm)  
T/C  thickness (Min.) 0.0059″(0.15mm) 0.0029″(0.075mm)
Inner Dielectric Thickness (Min) 0.0029″(0.075mm)  
Inner Dielectric Thickness Tolerance ±10%  
Finished Thickness tolerance ±0.076 (0.4≤T<0.8mm); ±0.1 (0.8≤T<1.0mm); ±10% (T≥1.0mm)  
  Warpage (Min) 0.75% 0.50%
Mechanical ability
Drilling capability Max.  Drilling diameter 0.256″(6.5mm)  
Min.  Drilling diameter 0.008″(0.2mm)  
min. copper thickness 1/3 oz(0.012mm)  
max. copper thickness 6 oz(0.213mm)  
(A/R: Max) 10:1 10:1
Inner layer
  min.  copper thickness 1/2 oz(0.016mm)  
  max.  copper thickness 4 oz(0.142mm)  
Min. hole and line space 4 layer 6mil 6mil
6 layer 7mil 6.5mil
8-12 layer 8mil 7.5mil
Inner layer LS (min) 4 layer 4mil 3mil
6 layer 4mil 4mil
8-12 layer 6mil 5mil
Surface finish
Surface treatment HASL  Lead-free HASL Yes  
OSP Yes  
Immersion  gold  Yes  
(ENIPIG) Yes  
Immersion  Tin Yes  
Flash gold (soft gold) Yes  
Peelable soldermask Yes  
carbon ink Yes  
Immersion  silver Yes  
Forming ability
  Standard  router bit diameter 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2mm/1.4mm/1.5mm/1.6mm/2.0mm  
  Tolerance ± 0.1mm ±0.05mm
Test capability
Electrical performance test Minimum open circuit resistance. 2 ohms  
Max. test voltage 300V  
Max. insulation resistance. 8000 ohms  
max. tooling size 640mm×550mm  
Max flying probe tester size 600mm*500mm  
Max. test space (tooling) 4mil  
Electrical test spacing (Fly Probe) 4mil  
Reliability Cu Foil Peeling Strength ≥1.1N/mm  
Soldermask Hardness ≥6H  
Thermal stress test 288℃×10sec  Pass Three Time  
Flammability Grade 94V-0  
Ionic Contamination ≤6.44μg/in2    (≤1.00μg/cm2)