Important Partner to Automotive Electronics

         As a vital cooperative partner to automotive electronics, Rayben provides unique patent technology and high quality PCBs to automotive electronics manufactuer, which can also satisfy automotive customer’s special requirements from standard products to most advanced technology. Our PCBs are widely used in steering, car lights, instrumentation, Video, HUD, radar systems, infotainment systems, and also support high current, high voltage and high thermal applications such as electric vehicles and electric transmission systems.

    Rayben technology has always attached great importance to product reliability, and the following key technologies can be used in the manufacture of automotive printed circuit boards:

• MHE® 301 high thermal conductivity metal substrate

• Thick copper plate with copper thickness up to 1.0mm

• ≤10 layers thermal FR4 substrate

• Patent product  MHE® 901 embed ceramics technology

• Rigid-flex and Semi-flex PCB

Rayben pays high attention to quality and reliability and all the factorys have  already passed ISO/TS16949  certification.  

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